Givin A Little Bit Of My Love Away {Blunty Award Edition}

There’s something I’m bad at. Besides athletics, adhering to commitments, rocking the pale look, digesting gluten, self diagnosing my diseases, wearing yellow, driving and watching black & white movies. There’s something else.

Oh, I didn’t tell you about my recent discovery of gluten intolerance? Yea it’s pretty awesome. It’s about the most devastating news an Italian can possibly receive. For those of you who don’t know what gluten is – it’s pretty much anything baked, bread like, flaky, crackery and amazeballs! Don’t get me started. I don’t wanna talk about it.

The point is: I’m bad at something. And that something is pimping people out.

It just gets to the point where there are too many awesome people to pimp and I just procrastinate because it’s too overwhelming. So.. who needs the pimping in this scenario? Welp, you do. 

I don’t know if you understand that I almost literally put this blog out of it’s misery about once a week.  I’ve only mentioned it once or twice, but it’s an ongoing war of sorts. ‘Cus I mean, what’s the point of it all anyway? There’s never been a point, I guess. And we all know it’s a struggle for me to keep up with ANYTHING on a consistent basis. I’ve been trying to take Vitamin Cs since I was like, ten. But you know what? Every time I’m about to hit delete, I get some sort of email from one of you that just rawks my socks off. I remember last year when I went through that cancer scare and everything… I think I got more messages and emails from you guys than I did from my real life friends.

It simply amazes me.

You inspire me. You encourage me. I’ve even met a few of you in real life and you blew my expectations out of the water. Why do you have to be so much more awesome than me and make me feel all inferior? Not cool. So I just can’t tell you what an absolute privilege it has been meeting all of you, hearing your stories, learning about your lives. And that’s why I don’t quit this blog.

So, let the award ceremony commence!


First, I just have to recognize Bearman. He’s a punk in the biggest way, but I’ve got a lil soft spot for him. He’s awesomely talented and funny and is always there if I have a nerd question or need help with something. He’s stuck around since before I was even Blunt Delivery and I wrote stuff that made absolutely no sense. 

No comment please.

He recently drew a caricature of me but then hot linked a picture from my blog. See that’s what I mean about being a punk. I was a lil disappointed that he didn’t put me in the wonder woman custom. And even more disappointed I ended up in the Diamond Girl shirt. But if my life has taught me anything it’s that it isn’t fair.



To say that it was love at first read would be a horrendous understatement. Abby is HI-larious and a fantastic writer and everyone needs to read her blog like, yesterday. I don’t actually laugh when I read many blogs because they just aren’t funny. But I laugh when I read hers. Check out this post Everything Must Go about the garage sale experience.


Besides being a kick @ss filmmaker, blogger and producer, Dan is a new virtual friend of mine. You’ll find all sorts of great stuff on his blog. Everything from his thank you letter to an ATT customer service rep The Ballad of Patsy Brown to funny stuff to his latest blog discoveries from his trip down the “rabbit hole.” I must send him a big thanks for featuring me on his recent post 5 Badass Women Bloggers You Should Be Following.

But what’s more important is that Dan is kind of a big deal. I don’t know if you’re aware, but that is Mr. John Travolta handing him an award in that picture, so…….that pretty much makes me famous by osmosis.


Nikki is one of the most honest, relatable and refreshing bloggers I know of. She makes no apologies for anything and clearly, I love that. Not only is she awesomesauce, but she is also a very sweet,caring person who recently wrote me an email that made my month. She’s more than a virtual friend – she’s a compassionate person who cares about people, even though she comes across a little tell it like it is. Takes one to know one, I guess. Ladies, you’re going to particularly like her Tale of Two Farm Boys. Cus we can all relate.


Alright. I can’t really put into words how much I love this girl or her blog, but I don’t back down from a challenge. She is freaking hilarious. I mean, every single post will make you laugh. Her imagination is clearly out of control and we continue to reap the benefits. I beg of you to read her latest post, How To Answer Your Cell Phone During A Work Meeting Without Your Boss Finding Out.


Jessica is just…. she’s incredible. She writes these transparent, heartfelt posts laced with humor, that I can almost always relate to as a late twentysomething who still doesn’t have anything figured out. Jess is a screen writer and before I know it she’s gonna get all famous. She is always quick to send me a message or email when she can sense that I’m going through something in my life and we just get each other, you know? And someday she’s gonna write my story. Uh, whenever I stop procrastinating and get it to her 😉 

I have returned to blogging over at Celery and the City where I write about clean eating, healthy living and post allergy and gluten free recipes!


46 thoughts on “Givin A Little Bit Of My Love Away {Blunty Award Edition}

  1. Whelp, I love you. Especially because today I was feeling kind of ugly and untalented…where do these days come from? The Devil, obvi.

    Anyway, I love you even more because you think my name is Jen. Have you called me that before and I have I really never corrected you? This could be probable. People tend to call me Jen all the time and sometimes I forget to tell them it’s Jess and then it just gets awkward because I forgot the first time and so I just go by Jen.

    Anyway, you can call me Betty, and I’ll just call you Al, if that’s alright.


  2. Britt,
    Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I’m just a guy trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents like everybody else. This is very sweet of you (I think you’re starting to like me) but the reality is that you and those other badasses have really given me a whole new outlook on blogging and the social space. Writing, like filmmaking, is about creating and I can so appreciate those people that set out to create something fresh and honest, especially where there’s so much crap being passed around as “awesome”.
    OK, I’m rambling now. I would take my shirt off for you but you’ll probably find me icky and you’ll stop being my friend so just keep doing that thing you do so that the world won’t suck so much.
    And thanks, again. Hug 🙂

    • hahahahah. oh Dan.

      I AM starting to like you. And not just cus you pimped me out… but it didn’t hurt. haha! And seriously, the fact that anyone ever thinks my blog could be inspiring, just makes my life.

      thanks 😉

  3. Umm…what? I am humbled and flattered beyond belief, and let me tell you, John Travolta could hand me an award and I probably wouldn’t be humbled and flattered beyond belief (but I would ask him to do a duet with me from “Grease,” at which point he would probably take that award away.)

    Anyway, I almost delete my blog every day for all the reasons you mentioned, one of them being I am intimidated by people like you with such talent (and pretty blogs/websites/faces.) And then you have to come along and blow smoke up my flat ass, negating my urge to purge the little slice of the Interwebs I claim as my own.

    I’m rambling, but that’s what I do when I don’t know what to say. This is why I could never actually win an award, as I would be booted off the stage. Anyway, I will reciprocate in some way when I actually build an audience that doesn’t consist of my mom and a handful of people I adore, but that might not be smart enough to appreciate your awesomeness.

    The end.

  4. Awww shucks, Blunty! Ain’t no pimp like a pimp Blunt Delivered!

    (… at least I think I’m funny).

    Back to serious, though. It kinda rocks my sawks that you even thought to put me on here, as I remember when I first stumbled upon you (on the interwebs, not real life…) and you were so. awesome. And then one day you commented on my blog! And I was like… holy moly the cool girl likes me! 😀

    I know you know that story.

    Also – I am very flattered to be included in such good company. The other bloggers you mentioned are pretty much ah-mazing. You know, I read Just Makin’ Convo and Bearman all the time, but I never comment because I can never think of something funny enough to say! Ha!

    • ummmmm. i love that story can you tell it again?? haha

      but seriously, way to be a stalker Nikki. You’re the kinda people I write blogs about. But you saved yourself by coming out of the creepy closet. so, lucky you 😉

  5. I love you. Yes, I’ve said it. A virtual stranger and newbie to your blog and I love you. I realize that it’s the “you” that you show us through your posts, but still…

    I will definitely be checking these bloggers out. Like you, I debate chucking the blog (1 of four failed attempts) on a regular basis. Maybe if I buy another domain name, it’ll keep me committed?

    Please, I beg of you, don’t delete your awesome blog!

  6. Ok so no Wonder woman outfit but I did give her her bust line…isn’t that enough?

    “He’s awesomely talented and funny and is always there if I have a nerd question” Nerd question. Can’t help you fix your computer, can’t help you with html, can’t help with when the next solar eclipse or renaissance festival will be. What type of nerd questions do I answer??

  7. “Oh, I didn’t tell you about my recent discovery of gluten intolerance? Yea it’s pretty awesome. It’s about the most devastating news an Italian can possibly receive.”

    Momma mia! You said it, girl. Gluten and Italian’s go hand in hand.

    Ya know, sometimes I often wonder if I have a gluten intolorance because my body craves it A LOT. Oh god, if I do, I don’t wanna know about it because I’ll die without bread, pasta, etc.

    And I’m glad to hear you’re NOT going to delete your blog, because I for one, would miss it and YOU. I mean, I know we could communicate via email or phone, but I enjoy popping over here a few times a week and reading you.

    “I think I got more messages and emails from you guys than I did from my real life friends.”

    Isn’t that the truth? I sometimes feel closer to my online friend than my offline friends.

    Just know that whenever you post, I’ll be here. It doesn’t matter how much or when you post.

    LOVE the cartoon of you!

    It’s AWESOME, Bearman! VERY talented you are!

    And thank you for the sweet mention, bestie. I will definitely check out your list here, because if you like them, I know I will too!

    X ya, girl!

    • Ron, let me tell you when we ever end up meeting someday i will eat LOTS of gluten with you.

      And as always, thanks so much for your kind words. i ALWAYS look forward to your comments, they are so sweet. You’re the best, bestie!


  8. “Ten Things I Love About Blunty” -by Bschooled

    1) Her hatred of mayonnaise and all things Neil Diamond.

    2) Her killer wit. *Confession- Blunty was my very first female blogger crush. I secretly stalked her blog for months before posting my first comment. 
What was it that first attracted me to her (in a non-sexual way)? Well, obviously, her writing. But also, she rocks a pair of striped knee-high socks like nobody’s business.

    3) Her photography skillz. Seriously, this girl has taken some of the most amazing photos I’ve ever laid eyes on. Like these:

    4) Her ability to be blunt, yet never sound the least bit condescending.

    5) Fun Fact- I once considered marrying an American just so I could get my green card and be her neighbor. (But not in a creepy “Single White Female” way.)

    6) An old Italian guy named Joe-

    7) Her writing, again. (see #2)

    8) Our mutual love/hate relationship with “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”.

    9) Our mutual hate for Bachelor Brad Womack’s creepy voice and overall smarminess.

    10) I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t love her after watching this? –

    11) Everything, really.

    (Sorry, I lied. There are actually eleven things. I only wrote “Ten” because odd numbers creep me out.)

  9. No gluten? Awful! I hope there’s a pill for that at least… maybe like a Lactaid… with crust?!
    See… you always go and do such nice things… that’s part of what makes the peoples likes you so much, B.D!
    P.S. – I think my caricature might have that very same Diamond Girl shirt (it’s just in the washing machine at the moment)…

  10. As a longtime lurker on BD, please: please please please please don’t delete your blog. I love your writing and your pictures and I fervently believe that your brain is full of pretty things that NEED to be shared.

  11. You know how when you watch a movie and it makes you smile and laugh and then you find yourself going “awww” and the next thing you know you’re bawling and then you’re smiling again and you don’t want the movie to end, and by the time it’s “The End” the whole thing adds up to one big bunch of feel goodness?

    Yeah, that’s how it was for me as I read your post.

    Nobody who writes posts like this is allowed to discontinue their blog. Got that?

  12. I had to go gluten free once upon a time. I almost cried. Actually I’m pretty sure I did cry the first time I had a snadwhich with gluten free bread. (Now I can eat it, but I don’t eat nearly as much as I used to. . . a loaf of bread now lasts me more than a couple days…)

    also, I am thisclose to catching up with my life after it’s recent spiral into chaos… checking out these blogs will be high on my to do list once I’m more myself again 🙂

  13. I can’t wait to go check out these other bloggers. I felt totally honored that I was put in the same “bad ass” category as you from Dan Perez. Very cool. You’re the best! Now for the guilt trip, you can’t stop the blog. It’s just too good. But, I feel the same way. There have been so many times that I have nearly closed up shop and then I get some amazing email or comment. I guess we need to keep at it.

  14. Great post, BD. You’re like an old Staind song to me. Whenever I read your words, “I feel like tomorrow’s gonna…be..okay.” There’s just something about the way you expose yourself (without fear of arrest) to this callous world that helps a lot of us understand that we aren’t alone watching Fate pimp-smack us around each day. You experience it too AND you write about it. We need that, and we thank you.

    And maybe if i wasn’t such a sucky Fair Weather Friend kinda guy, I could have made this list of really exceptional people. But, I know how I am. I only come around when you have food or money. Or money for food. Or if you’re selling food. What I’m trying to say is, I know I could do better, but I’m stuck in this skin I’m in.

    Oh, well… there’s always next year, right? 😀

    • um, george. stop it!!! if anyone is a fair weather blogging friend it’s ME!!! I suck at it. And i suck at leaving comments. We are one in the same. BUT, we still stick around 😉 and we’ll always be buds.


  15. I could never be gluten-free. Thanks for the Bearman/Perez links, new to my web wanderings. More to sustain the A.D.D. Happy to see you’re writing away,Brit, saying it how it is- like you should be every day-

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