Lessons In Awkwardness: Featuring My Dad

So I may have mentioned my dad a time or two on this site. In case you aren’t familiar, here is a brief summary:

Here’s the thing with my parents.

My mom can’t turn a computer on and is still holding to her guns that The Internets will become the downfall of society. My dad can turn it on, but his technological knowledge consists mainly of creating spreadsheets. Oh, and there was that one time he typed up something for my mom in Microsoft Word and it took about 5 hours – that also included the addition of a clip art photo, don’t worry.

This might shed some light as to why my parents don’t read this blog. I am quite certain, however, that they know it exists. My evidence for this conclusion is that a random family friend mentioned over dinner how they thought it was hilarious when my dad accidentally brushed his teeth with Preparation H while on a road trip with his Pastor.

Incidentally, I was the only one my dad told.

Now, of course, every time I whip out a composition notebook, my parents give me the stink eye. But, two minutes later, they start laughing and say something like, “Oh, I suppose this is gonna be on a blob now, huh?” And then I write down the fact that they called it a “blob” and turn that into a blog too. They can’t win.

But that’s the beauty of my parents. They don’t take themselves too seriously.

So, I’ve got a special treat for you kids today.

[My dad is the Director for a local non profit that focuses on mentoring and tutoring at-risk elementary students. I’m doing a video for them and needed a 30 sec. spot from my dad. This was our THIRD attempt. SIX HOURS +  203 VIDEOS = 10 SECONDS OF USABLE FOOTAGE. ]

I gave him 4 simple rules to adhere to:

1. Remember the words.

2.  No awkward hand gestures.

3. Don’t say the words “touch” or “tie” when referring to children.

4. Don’t use imaginary words.

Am I asking TOO MUCH??

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/Ocxxx7zi6Ho" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

As he was leaving the parking lot that day, he yelled out, “Why do I have the feeling that you’re going to be making more than just the charity video?”

46 thoughts on “Lessons In Awkwardness: Featuring My Dad

  1. I LOVED this post. I cracked up the whole time. I sent it to my mom and said “At least I don’t put video footage of you on my blog…although I think I might start…”
    Something tells me she won’t be too happy with that idea.

  2. almost spat tea all over my lap top. that was awesome. especially all of the the “touch” bits. hilariousness!

    i’m not sure if my dad knows about my blog… i think i told him? but maybe not…
    my dad feels he’s pretty internet savvy, because he’s an IT guy ;P He’s been on facebook for a long time, but only recently started actively using it. To upload daily mobile photos from the awesomeness that was his vacation down south. WAY TO FIGURE OUT FB JUST IN TIME TO MAKE ME JEALOUS DAILY. Thanks, dad.

  3. Blunt, this video is freakin’ HILAROUS!

    Honestly, your dad should have his own TALK SHOW. Just one suggestion…..cue cards – HA!

    “Oh, I suppose this is gonna be on a blob now, huh?”

    Bwhahahahahahahahahaha! That was PRICELESS!

    Glad to hear you got your hacker situation resolved. I heard that happening to many people. How the hell do they even do it!?!?


  4. Poor, poor man. . . I feel bad laughing at him! *ahem* WITH him! Could you PLEASE mess his hair all up and make him say “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” It would really make my day.

    • he was on a big fluffy couch, it was hard not to. but at this point, i was a little more concerned about him actually getting out the words than the aesthetics… and YES he said 5th through K grades… hence it being on the outtakes.

  5. This was incredible! Oh my gosh, I love your dad! 😀

    My favorite, favorite part was at 0:20. Just in case anyone was questioning whether or not you’re related…

  6. I read this first thing this morning (some indication of how late I get up…ah college) and having been tormented all day trying to remember who from some movie that I also can’t pinpoint your Dad looks like in this video! And still no luck.

    Fortunately, the absurd number of times I’ve watched this to no avail have been well worth it – absolutely hilarious!

    p.s. if you are able to read my mind and match the single screen shot from what I think is an old movie that I’m remembering please help!

  7. My dad was actually the one to get me onto Facebook. Scary, I know. I like the “blob” comment. Sounds like the kind of thing my parents would have said several years ago. I think at a certain age, it might realize the “Internets” have passed you by.

      • my dad is just as dorky. when he got prostate cancer last year, they put gold in his, er, hole, so that the radiation would have a target to focus on. sooo, my dad walks up to me one day with a big ol’ smirk on his face, looking proud, and says, “That’s my grill.” Um, dad, grills go in your face-mouth, not your *ss-mouth. sigh. now that he’s on female hormone shots and is more “sensitive”, as my mom says, he teases us that he feels like going shoes shopping. oh dad.

  8. To my very favorist blob star,

    So I was having the WORST day and generally at work they block your blog- heartless bastards- but lo’ and behold today they obviously felt I needed a pick me up and I get to not only read but see the awesomeness that is you and your family?

    Now, I’m not entirely sure I will stab everyone who comes in contact with me. And that’s thanks to you. I’m going back to listen to my “Please Don’t Bitch Slap Anyone Today, Lola” playlist.

    Ever yours,


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  10. Your dad sounds hilarious.
    Which clearly rivals my dad and his famous pirate joke….

    What’s a pirates favorite tool?

    an ARRRRRRRRkemedes Screw…
    (if the spelling is wrong I honestly would have no idea)

    Yeah, when he first told it, we didn’t really get it either.
    And it warranted an explanation.
    We laughed anyways.

  11. ….LOL…wait i need to catch my breath…..my parents too are a bit social network inept….”hey that funnybook thing how do i get to that”….i dont have friends can i still get on fatbook….Oh facebook no…i already have makeup i like, it like an avon ad right??? and so and so forth….but the video was funny i thought…your dad sounds like a funny guy…zman sends

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