Dear Haters, Why Do You Love Me So Much?

It comes as absolutely zero surprise to me that my most popular post continues to be Why I Hate Women: Let Me Count The Ways.  In fact, I still even get comments on it here and there.  Why is this? Because everyone hates women. And in their desperation, they have found a safe place where that ideal will not only be accepted, but encouraged.

As I’ve stated before, I’ve come to expect that women won’t like me. It has become my certain destiny, much in the same way I will end up eating tacos on every day that starts with a “T” and my mom will call me at 10:30 pm each night to ensure I’m alive.  There’s something in my genetic makeup.  Maybe it’s the way I walk. Perhaps they can smell my self-confidence from across the room.  It’s certainly not the way I talk, because they hate me waaay before that.  Who knows. Farbeit for me to try to unlock the mystery behind centuries of bizarre, unwarranted behavior.


And now, because controversy makes the world go ’round, I’m going to take this opportunity to single out one of the most ridiculous of all ridiculous comments.  Because if you’ve been around here for more than a minute, you’ll know that anything and everything you say could be turned into a public mockery at any moment.  And now, I present to you Crazy-Uptight-Overly-Offended-For-No-Reason-Feminazi [ a.k.a “Leroy Brown”]:

It’s funny how small-minded people love revering to misogyny and sexism for kicks. Then again, I guess it’s all you folk have left–racism not being cool anymore. Too bad you have to live now and not fifty years ago. Then you coulda been sexist AND racist.

Now, what if you’d had the kind of luck where most of the Jewish people you’d ever met had in some way been unpleasant individuals? Would you be jew-haters? Would you be writing an anti-Semitic blog post?

Specimens of both genders exhibit undesirable characteristics. HUMANS exhibit undesirable characteristics. Just so you know, your blog makes you sound like an idiot. Now according to your logic, I should assume that you are an idiot because you are a woman. According to my own logic, you are an idiot because you aren’t very good at thinking things through. I hope you improve.


My poignant and restrained response:

hahaah. oh “leroy.” that was hilarious. thank you for the laugh.

I mean, she was joking right? Of course, I could have made her feel like the stupidest person alive, thus addressing each one of her completely insane and off-base remarks, but if someone is SO STUPID to not even realize that everything on this blog is for entertainment value and they are SUCH A PRUDE that they can’t even laugh at how unbelievably retarded their own gender acts at times, well then, I’ve got much better things to do.  And more importantly, doesn’t she?

Speaking of haters, I’ve gotten a lot of emails / comments lately from women I haven’t talked to in literally, YEARS.  Possibly decades.  Mainly, because they hated me because of something to do with a boy.  Or their friends didn’t like me, so they had to hate me out of obligation.   The comments express upset about how I recalled a particular story in my life or assuming that a blog was about them, when really I hadn’t even remembered what ethnicity they were.

After much pondering, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because the haters secretly love me. There is NO OTHER possible explanation as to why they would hunt me down in such a way AND take the time to read this precious blog AND take the time to comment on it.  So shucks, I’ll take it as a compliment.

Awwwww… you guyyyys.

64 thoughts on “Dear Haters, Why Do You Love Me So Much?

  1. To Sam-
    Wow,you more or less summed up my whole experience of women.
    I really don’t GET women any more,I just give up.
    I have read all the books (men are from mars,women are from Venus? how about women are from frickin’ pluto!!) from all angles.
    I had always strived to not be like other men,not to womanise,be sexist,generalise,mistreat them.
    The more women I met,the more experiences I heard of,from friends who were betrayed,lied to,backstabbed (or literally stabbed) heartbroken (or literally just broken) confused,stalked,harassed,driven crazy,toyed with,the more I understood why most men act like they do,or become what they are.
    I resolved not to become bitter,I will find a girl sometime,people tell me I wasn’t trying hard enough,so I tried harder,but no luck.
    Some told me I was trying too hard,so I played it cool,but no luck.
    I chased women for casual sex just as much as I have for a relatonship,just anything to get some goddamn contact with them,or some TIME with them.
    I tried being myself (worst advice ever) I tried being someone else,then somebody else,followed all the tips and tricks,all the psychology bullshit in books like ‘The Game’.
    I worked out,got in great shape,socialised more,made a circle of girl’friends’,read more books,got a better job,then got promoted,paid more attention to my looks/grooming (to the point of obsession)
    Nothing,just a lifetime of being ‘friend-zoned’,a handful (i.e. five) of one-night stands,short lived girlfriends and totally confusing…’usage’ is the only way I can describe it,total non-events that do not fit into either category (‘f**k-zoned’?)

    So yeah,I have told my mother I will never marry,stop waiting for that to happen,I’m 35 now,that ship has sailed,that part of my heart has died,along with the hope of finding a mate.
    Any joy a woman could possibly bring me would not be worth the pain of her breaking my heart again….so I no longer entertain the possibility.
    I still talk with women,but I no longer dilute my personality to suit a woman’s view of what is acceptable,try to impress them,or talk to them any different than I do a guy.
    It’s actually quite fun once you get used to it.
    A girl at work recently asked if I had a girlfriend.
    I said ‘No,I prefer having sex with prostitutes.’
    Her response ‘Oh…’

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  3. I find your observations far more intelligent than most women, maybe thats why they hate you? Maybe you are a genetic mutation of a woman. Maybe women werent designed to be that intelligent. Maybe all women hate each other but you just take it more offensively. Maybe im just babbling.

    All i know is that there are MANY women who hate other women. In fact, all women i know seem to hate women. I really recognise your examples, especially the one if your girlfriend ask you if there are any pretty ladies at your work. It always ends in a fight when my girlfriend ask questions like that, and it is true, i have tried all the example answers, none of them work. My girlfriend even expect me to be girlfriend-sexual (she doesnt accept me as a heterosexual, so im currently lying to her that i dont find other women attractive).

    I dont believe women are genetically dumber, they are just spoiled since the day they are born. If you are spoiled there is no reason for you to evolve. There is no reason to mature. No reason to stop relying on others. No reason to be accepting and realistic. Afterall, you are pretty.

  4. Well, finally! Someone had to say it. If I said it, I’d be viciously castrated. So I am glad you said, being female as you are.

    Let’s face it, women are the cause of misogyny.

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