Valentine’s Day Is About As Cool As Ke$ha

I just had to check in and see how you are surviving the Empire State Building of Lame Holidays thus far?

Me? Eh.

Let’s see here. What could I possibly say or do that might lift your spirits on such a dreadful day? Oh, I know, I know!!!!!

1. Make a list of things I love.

2. Post a bunch of pictures of heart-themed things.

3. Talk about how much I love my significant other because of all the cutesy stuff he got me.

Oh wait. What?

You mean all of those things would make you vomit and never revisit this blog?

See? That’s why we’re friends.

Maybe you should watch my Valentine’s Day Sucks video again?

No? Still not working? Well then I’m fresh out of ideas. So can we discuss something else?


I blame all of you for making her famous.

Well, maybe not you specifically, cus you’re better than that. I’m referring to those others of millions of peoples.

This just isn’t going anywhere, I can tell. So instead of dwelling on my hatred for all things related to ridiculous pop stars, I’m going to spread a little Blunt love for some of my favorite new blogs. I’m spreadin it smooth, like a fine-churned butter – and you all know I don’t spread it very often. This is a scarce commodity.

Maybe I can’t cheer you up, but one of these guys certainly can.

[If you’re wondering why the Barbie is clothed, it’s cus her Salvation Army $0.99 sticker was adhered to her bosom and it was quite shameful. For her. Sorry if that threw your world off its axis.]

Johnny Utah. Let me just preface this by the fact that it takes a lot for me to read a blog all the way through. They’re usually just a snoozefest, you know? Not this guy. Please read his Open Letter To Teens. Hilarious, and helpful to the world.

Breath of Ella. Why? She’s an Alienator and a Masochist -both qualities that I appreciate in a friend. Also, she’s recovering from a stress-induced bald spot.

Starbucks Break. The lovely Cheryl, who I refer to as my Asian Sunrise, is part of the duo that helped me redesign this here blog. She is also a commitment-phobe, which makes me feel warm and gooey inside.

Awaiting my mystery chocolates from whomever they may come,


kesha photo:

snide question written over photo: me

41 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Is About As Cool As Ke$ha

  1. Weren’t you the one who also intoduced me to that meatloaf and liquor girl (or whatever she was called its’ been so long) who now no longer blogs. You aren’t worried that you might be the valentine’s day kiss of death for these bloggers?

  2. That Vday vid made my day. I got my boyfriend a beardhat this year (GOOGLE IT), and he got me a yoga mat bag because we’re over the flower/candy/jewelry thing.

    • beardhat… BAHAHAHAH. yea, we’re totally over it too. Went to a nice fondue place on SUNDAY. haha. watched the bachelor on V-day and I made some dinner. it was perfection.

  3. OMG, I came over to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day and then read your post.


    Well, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY anyway!

    X ya, bestie!

    P.S. I freakin’ LOVE the Barbie graphic. Flawless!

  4. Damn I miss getting here and wishing you a Happy VD. I guess the younger generation (most of the population) moved on to using STD but I grew up using VD for STD so I laugh when I read “Happy VD”. You might get a laugh (you will not get VD) from my Valentine’s Day post. Oh I clicked over and watched your video clip – very educational for guys.

  5. I can admit it… if you hadn’t posted a photo of Ke$ha I wouldn’t have recognized her even if she beat me over the head with that blingin’ microphone. Phase one of officially becoming old? Not recognizing pop-stars. Phase two? Probably something to do with technology issues. But… that can’t be me… because this is that ‘inter-webs’ thing, right?! 🙂

  6. Um, is it bad that I kind of like Ke$ha? I mean, not as a person or anything, but when I hear a clip of her song during a TV show I don’t throw up. Confession: I downloaded Tik Tok before I went to Vegas. Can we still be friends?

  7. um, what’s a “Ke$ha?” i don’t think i want one. i DO wish you owned a LiLo doll right now. That would make great fodder with her all “I didn’t steal nothin'” and “I learned my lesson, THIS, time” and “Just leave me alone, people, so I can WORK.”

  8. (Okay get ready to hold aircraft sickness bag in front of face)…I love valentines day…i love pampering my lisa with jewelry and a night out and all that stuff..and wait hold on…i dont do it for reward *wink wink*..hope your valentines day was good…zman sends

  9. it’s a bti past valentine’s day, because sometimes work just sucks the life right out of me and i get behind on life. however, now it’s feb 26 or something and it’s raining like woah outside with some 100km/hr winds… so today, more than vday, i could indeed use some new fun blogs to read! yay!

    i’m pretty sure i have nothing to do with ke$ha being successful, but i do enjoy her latest single when i’m in surgery. some pop songs have very good beats for ripping out testicles to. just saying.

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