This Blog Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now

Before you read this I have two very important announcements:

1. Check out my guest post over at Cynicism 101. I am very honored to be Doc”s first guest blogger and I would be more honored if you visited us. He’s me, except a man.

2. Bearman is revealing what my yearbook pics would have looked like throughout the decades. He also posted an obscure homecoming photo that no one knew about till now!

Now let’s get down to bid-ness.

Two three things come to mind when I receive Royal Mail:

1. My British-drug-addict-ex is trying to contact me again, which will cause me to reflect upon a time in my life that makes me wish that London Bridge really was falling down. With me on it.

2. Are we past having to worry about Anthrax?

3. Good Morning America must have gotten my contest entry and this is my invitation to Prince William’s wedding! 2011 is the year all my dreams are coming true!

But then, I open it, and I discover something even better.

Better than Anthrax?

Well, if you can believe it, yes.

Free stuff.

I know what you’re thinking, Anthrax is free. True. Yes, but it will also impair your respiratory system and effectively kill you.

I received custom made greeting cards inspired by my blog, which were made for me by the awesome duo from Caffeinated Designs – Cheryl, my Asian Sunrise, located in sunny CA, and Jen, the Secret Keeper, located in foggy London. And I didn’t even ask for them – they just did it all on their own. Never mind that I have promised to put their kids through college as long as they send me customized periodical gifts for the remainder of their lives.

I had sort of forgotten that they had asked for my address a couple months ago.

Phew. That was a close one, Royal Mail. You had me sweatin’ like an 8th grade me during an algebra test.

They have recently branched out into designing greeting  cards.

Thanks guys! Loved the cards!

39 thoughts on “This Blog Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now

  1. i definitely need more greeting cards in my life. one of my missions in 2011: send more greeting cards. but first, i need to find the surface of my desk so i have some place to write in these greeting cards…

    this radio show sounds like something i should listen to… i’m apparently super intimidating sometimes. oops. i will definitely tune in if i’m still up at whatever time that is in NL time… (i think 1130pm.. hmmm..)

    • maggie…. i was thinking that the other day. like how cool would i be to actually start sending “thinking of you” cards?! it’s so unheard of now that people would think i’m the most amazing person in the WORLD.

      • Oh, they definitely would. True story, I have a drawer full of cards in my office. I am all about a resurgence in hand written notes. Pretty much makes my life when I receive stuff in the mail that is not bill or career related.

  2. “2. Are we past having to worry about Anthrax?”

    Bwhahahahahahahahahaha! HILARIOUS!

    OMG, these greeting cards are freakin’ AWESOME. And how sweet of those two ladies to send them to you. Love the one with the brown box that says Blunt Delivery – it’s brilliant!

    I will try very hard to get over to the radio show to hear you at 9 p.m., I promise!


  3. My beauty is often intimidating to the male species.

    …At least this is what I tell myself whenever I sit home on Friday and Saturday nights, like I did this weekend…

  4. 1) So glad that you’re my first! Er, you know what I mean.
    2) “Good Morning America must have gotten my contest entry and this is my invitation to Prince William’s wedding!” It gets me every time too.
    3) During that whole anthrax thing, I just hired neighborhood kids to open all my mail – they’ll do anything for cheap. But now there’s only a few of em left (anthrax) so I may need to start opening my own again. Sad days.

  5. I could send you free stuff, which you’d know if you let me into your inner circle instead of behaving like Miss Haughtypants. Would you prefer a lotion or a potion? This isn’t a trick question.

  6. Love those cards! Those gals at Caffeinated Design are pretty damn talented. I love free stuff. It’s what makes the world go round. Well, that and Chicken McNuggets.

  7. Someday I hope to receive a greeting card from you. But instead of a greeting card, I kind of just hope it’s you. With a stamp. On my doorstep. In the summer, because it would be cold if it was in the winter. And maybe a bow. Would you wear a bow for me?

  8. These are awesome. one of my missions in 2011: send more greeting cards. either that or i could discover i have a bedbug epidemic … that seems to be getting lots of attention these days too.

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