Remember When You Hated Me, But You Were Lying To Yourself?

Out beyond the ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” – Rumi

So, okay. We’re in the field, you and me. Now, I want you to take a moment. Sit down. Relax. Close your eyes. Clear your mind and try not to ponder the great mysteries of the world such as: “why, WHY can’t Rose just SHARE THE RAFT?” or “why did ever we need encased meats?” Just let it go. And please remember, in the field, there is no right or wrong. We cannot recall the mistakes of others. There are cupcakes falling from the sky along with pink glittery things. We are full of inner love and positive thinking.

Okay, you are now free to leave the field.

I just thought that exercise might help us in curbing any misdirected anger you might have toward me lately for my lack of internet presence. I realize it seems like I don’t do anything around here, but kiddos, mama has been sweatin’ like a Mexican housekeeper. I can say that. I went to school with a girl who was Mexican.

So what have I been up to, you ask?

Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve spruced up the place. My blog layout was SO last year. Now you may think to yourself, eh, a simple blog redesign no. big. deal. But guess what, when you’ve been hacked and your crap is all jacked, and your database needs to be updated, and your feeds won’t work, and your hosting provider doesn’t speak English, and you hate dealing with website stuff more than you hate cheerful people before 10 am, and then when you finally do switch over to your new design none of your pictures transfer over – it is A BIG EFFING DEAL. Needless to say, the homepage posts are fixed, but I’ve got about 200 more to re-upload pics to. So if you look at older posts they might look weird FYI. Good thing none of you ever do.

Oh, I also transferred my blogroll to a new page called For The Wandering Eye, and I even wrote little love notes about your blogs (if I’ve forgotten you, please send a strongly worded email). And I’ve revamped my About and New Here pages with fun new pictures like this:

And remember how I’ve had my photography blog up for like a year but no actual website, cus I really like to eat pasta and sleep alot?? Yea, well, the Indigo Photography website is officially launched!

Wait, I know there was something else…. Oh that’s right! I am going on the world’s first BlogDate.

What is a BlogDate? Well, it’s when two people of similar backgrounds and personalities start innocently flirting over blog comments and then realize they’re soulmates except they’ve never met. Or, it’s two people who are just spontaneous and ridiculous and like to have fun. Jury’s still out. So Monday I head to the Windy City where my witty and handsome New York Blogboyfriend will be awaiting me. He did a little preview of our meeting on his blog also, if you wanna check yourself before you wreck yourself. And don’t you worry, I’m going to blow THE INTERNETS up with pictures and stories from this experience! And yes, I’ll be paying you all a long-overdue visit very soon!

There. That’s what I’ve been up to. Are you satisfied now or are you still gonna cop a ‘tude?

P. to the S. I must take this moment to send the biggest shout out of my LIFE to Jen and Cheryl from CaffeinatedDesigns. These girls are geniuses. I was pulling my ever-loving hair out and they found a way to sort out every computer problem I had – and I only needed two boxes of wine to get through it!

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32 thoughts on “Remember When You Hated Me, But You Were Lying To Yourself?

  1. Do you remember my address? I’ll send it to you again. You know, in case you randomly turn up at my door defeated by said BlogDate. Just don’t forget the vodka and ice cream while we watch Sleepless in Seattle. Love you.

  2. Your a sweetie and a scholar 😉 Can we do html in these things now? Like I can change my name to a good keyword for better SEO purposes 🙂 This is a lot less ‘cluttered’ I’m going over a few ideas to revamp my whole site too. I’m using one of my other domains as a test site. I’m thinking I may use WordPress as the main platform. I don’t know yet. I’m still rather new to the WordPress/Blog thing. But I learn quick !

  3. I wish you had designed your layout for a 1024 pixel width. Instead I end up with your brown vertical bar sticking through the words and having to expand my browser to read the whole post. Woe is me!

    Otherwise it looks good. I see you went back to the old format, as opposed to your previous home page where you just had pictures/blog titles and everything hidden behind that.

  4. I have a 2048 pixel width monitor… I just use Windows snap to have my browser only take up half the screen because 99% of websites are designed for 1024 pixel width. (Although some monitors do max out at 1024 width, especially netbooks.)

  5. Ohh, so we’re people now? Haha. I will have a look at the width – it’s all kinds of crazy in my iPhone…this bothers me!

    Cheryl and I have a blogdate set for our wedding day/s (if anyone will ever put up with us for that long); the flaw in the plan will come when we meet and decide that no man will ever live up to our awesome, her Dad hits on me and we run off from the wedding!


    (I just had to get it out, sorry). Cool. Well, it’s a tricky colour to pull off but I’m sure you have the nous. You have got the nous, RIGHT!? I think you can still apply for an emergency pass these days down at brown patrol HQ….. Coz, I mean, if someone thinks they’re being affectionately ‘wacky’ (add sarcasm here) by wearing some bright colours around the office, I’ve found they usually have nothing on the guy who turns up in the complete brown corduroy suit. The guy who leaves you hanging between nice-crazy and bad-crazy for too long in the day so that you can’t get up until they’ve definitely gone home and you’ve ordered a big knife online.

    Good luck, therefore.

    I have an old brown cardigan that I don’t indeed wear to the office but which I do now only wear if I need to secretly buy some classic (dull) utilitarian furniture to cope with the shame of having to go through with the situation of needing to buy it for whatever reason in the flippin’ first place (I mean I could steel it if I’m that well camouflaged, couldn’t I? I suppose I just don’t want to scare people in the street with the suggestion that we’re being invaded by floating desks. I’m just too decent a person?). Well, I’m not. Ha! It’s possible ‘desk carnage’ but definitely ‘check your cup cake stash’ time, baby. For if I met a nice lady marooned in a transcendental field beyond the nature of ethics, Mr. Rumi, I tell ya honestly big guy, from her perspective, there would be some probable wrongdoing going through my mind at one stage. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be human, right? As survival must come first, right? Who would make the cup cakes of the future is what I’m getting at,….. am I?,…… I do lose track………(Insert Homer Simpson dream scene here, you know you want to……………’hmmmm………..cup cakes of the future’)……….

    A question I’m never asked often is, ‘Hey Winston. What are your top 9 make over/ re-branding disasters?’ To which I have never replied, ‘Easy, Mr. Bo Jangles, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s:

    1) Opal fruits to Starburst (it took me an hour to type that line)
    2) US Coke recipe change 1980’s
    3) UK Post Office to Consignia (A hilarious WTF all round)
    4) 1996 British Airways new paintjob on plane fins fiasco
    5) Sega Dreamcast (that’s a bit harsh, sorry)
    6) Pretty much any new advertising bank campaign anywhere.
    7) The New Testament
    8) France
    9) Maybe something about The Power Rangers.

    ‘BTW, how do you know that I’m Winston on Blunt Delivery and how can a song be explicitly about you before you were even born?’ ‘What!’……. ‘Don’t tell me I’m the one that has issues……………did you realise what you just aske…………’

    ……………Sorry about that,…… it’s a dying friendship, oh well.

    We did conclude from all this however, that the greatest re-brand ever is the Dinosaurs (kids love em’, but how would you really feel about living next to a real T-REX?), followed by War in 80’s UK (after the Falklands victory by Great Britain, pathetic but probably true to a lot of idiots, thanks for that one dad) and that LEGO is the BEST THING EVER after a surprise cuddle by someone you really like or in the case that you don’t like being touched if they also nail it when making a great sandwich for you to eat.

    Speaking of which,…….. I liked rapping in my kitchen this morning

    I hope you all find a pleasant moment too.

    Hey, you changed the layout, why you little….oh,

    It suits your eyes.

  7. Oooh! I wonder if it was that creepy stalker guy from a few posts back that hacked you? Lame. Good luck on your blog date. Hopefully it’ll be a match made in heaven and end in wedding bells and puking infants. . . 😉

    • Me – let’s hope not!?!? i’m having a date with my hacker… how LAME! haha

      Winston – Yes, my layout does suit my eyes. I’m a brown-eyed girl

      Jen – you are THE PEOPLE. don’t ever forget it. And uh, wherever I am i’m sure i’ll be running away from my wedding too! thats my style.

    • Jillsy… there is an issue with the layout. the words are supposed to be on the white only, if people don’t maximize the window the text is bleeding into the sidebar. it is getting fixed asap!!!

    • bear – All those nice things i said about you and you STILL can’t say anything nice to me?! jk. What do you mean by embedded? Like an option to reply? I’ve got my girls looking into it JUST FOR YOU =)

      vodka – yes, indeed. he’s my main blogsqueeze. Thanks for lurvin the layout!

      Denny – Matt took a pic of a sign that said “Denny’s noodle” We had a moment of silence on the streets of Chitown for you

  8. Your blog is still a little fucked up on my side, but that’s okay. I still love you enough to read through the parts that are so light I can barely make out the words.

    Hope your blog date goes swimmingly! Two points for keeping your conversations under 140 characters.

    • J= should be sorted out now, cus my girls rock and they fixed the issue! let me know if you’re still having problems!!!

      cindy – talk to my girls, they will spruce you all up!

      Jen – i could have swore you said you had 7 kids! and i took you literally… haha! i’ll get that blurb fixed…

  9. Like the new look. Thanks for keeping me on the blogroll. Actually, the 7 kids are not technically children (in your description of my blog). It’s 3 dogs, a cat, 2 horses and a husband. In some circles this may qualify me as a mother but in others I’m just a crazy person with too many pets and one understanding hubby.
    Can’t wait to hear about the upcoming date.

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