Blog Dating Is The New Black/ eHarmony/ Twitter/ SpeedDate/ Facebook Poke

No. This time I didn’t do anything drastic like move to London or start a retail store or give up tanning. But, I did meet up with a complete stranger from New York for a two-day BlogDate in Chicago, which I may have mentioned one, or fifty times, on my FaceSpace. I had to make sure I mentioned it regularly in case one of you had to work or something and missed a status update.

Now I know you’re all waiting with baited breath for the details of this excursion, and I assure you, they are coming at you faster than a chubby, asthmatic kid chasing after an ice cream cart.



80 thoughts on “Blog Dating Is The New Black/ eHarmony/ Twitter/ SpeedDate/ Facebook Poke

  1. Alight, I am loving this whole BlogDate thing. Well, I know that I am viewed as a seemingly ‘creepy’ blogger that admires other great bloggers, but this is the kind of thing I was gravitating towards to. Although, as you put it Blunt, it’s not yet a definable concept, but it’s one that is definitely history in the making.
    Reality BlogDating Shows…hmm…

    BTW, are your free sometime next month?…For a date…

  2. Excellent vlog! And yes I agree, blog dating is likely “our future.” You should totally be doing more tutorials like this, otherwise your readers will just continue to stumble through this dark and scary world with no sense of purpose or desire. Please guide us.

  3. Hahaha! You’re ridiculous. Clear as mud, m’lady, clear as CRYSTAL mud!

    I wasn’t going to watch it at all because WTF do I care about blog dating? But then I remembered who’s blog I was reading and figured it would be more entertaining than not πŸ˜‰

    Can’t wait to hear about your big date!!!

  4. I applaud blunt + blog tutorials because they are so in keeping with the atmosphere of your whole blog. Love! I also appreciate the fact that sometime last night you evolved to wearing a tank top and braids in the above tutorial. because sometimes you can’t have everything all in one place.
    Especially when that place = my room. Even I’VE managed to have fun in that room WITHOUT a webcam, tho maybe still in my underwear. I have a strong attachment to you and to that room, collectively and individually. and it’s easier if I remain happy around here. Here being my area of your home.

  5. memories alluded to from this day forth will be only of our fun times. our memories = undoubtedly standing the test of time. all other memories of your home = fail.

  6. I feel like you really helped so many people understand that blog dating isn’t about being specific or about definitions. It’s about the Transparent Eyeball and the mind, and its influences, which is all part of nature’s vastness.

    I had my students watch your video, and they took notes for me. And then the bell rang. Is that connected to blog dating as well?

    PS. Love me forever.

  7. You need your own tv show, BD! You’ve got more style, grace, and comedic energy than Tine Fey. I’d watch it. πŸ™‚

    It was odd that my wife and I dated across the country for three years without the benefit of a webcam. All we had was phone, mail, and MySpace. πŸ™‚

  8. Let’s start with the fact that our ring wearing style, and choice of nail polish color, and desire to have perfectly organized shelves are completely congruent.

    Let’s end by me stating that your humor and perfect hair make me wish I was your neighbor who always came over around 5 and brought cocktails. And peanuts.

    You. Are. Just. FABULOUS.

    • j – i should have known we’d have the same taste in hand jewelry. UGH. why do you have to move to grubby cali. and if you were coming over every night at 5 with cocktails, you’d be jolene. cus she does. sans the peanuts. in fact, she just walked over to my couch with two glasses of wine filled so full that she couldn’t talk for fear they would spill. her excuse was that all she wanted to do was drink, and walking back to refill the glass would have disrupted that agenda.

      you = should be here.

  9. Ok, first off, love the blog tutorial. Ok, I’m lying, truthfully, I kinda wanna punch you for that bookcase I mean come on YOUR KILLING ME with your neatly compartmentalized chaos. And, it was because of the bookcase I missed most of what you were saying. Next time, take your video in a less distracting place, like a monastery, or a landfill. Please and thank you. πŸ™‚

  10. If you and V both can have a BlogDate, can I have a BlogNight stand then? That sounds more up my alley.

    Words cannot describe how much I crave your presence in my life. Can we have another BlogFLoveTriangleFest with V? ASAP

  11. I’m still confused but, that’s nothing new. I want to hear more of this blog date you speak of. Love the vlogging. I can’t get up the nerve to do it myself.
    I revamped my blog. Took a cue from you. Don’t you love being an inspiration to the rest of us?

    • jen – well, i pretty much made that on a whim at 3 am and looked like HEAL, but i thought – its important that the world stays abreast to the complicated realms of dating. had no intention of doing a Vlog, but hey.

      loved the site!

  12. bhahaha that’s fantastic! loved the vblog!

    Well I have some work to do..I thought Ron YS and I had something special, then he went to Florida met that airhostess and shes had him whipped ever since…Denny is taken, bearman is married, LITD is taken, everyone is taken.. so I have some things to do:
    1. Find new blog buddies who arent already blog committed
    2. become intimate blog buddying with such people
    3. commence blog dating…


  13. I can’t believe I’m so late in getting here to learn about this blog-dating thing that I haven’t even heard of before. Your tutorial rocked and I couldn’t take my eyes off of your thumb ring. Not yo mention the Pocahontas do…Brit, I’m lovin’ you more and more. I mean to now get to see you in motion…what could be better…okay maybe tollhouse cookies and milk, but other than that, nothing…no maybe a margarita…but that’s it….well, I better mention my hubby or he might get upset, but really that’s it. Nothing else could be better…really!

    • jillsy – please, leave it to me to keep you up to speed on everything new in the world. my thumb ring is compliments of a little store that i used to own in the mall. its from africa, so it would be a bit tricky to try to get you one. but don’t think i won’t try.

  14. Easy,

    ‘A sole’ is a fish that people wear on the bottom of their feet
    ‘Life’ is a song by Des’ree in which we discover her preference for toast, should it get supernatural.
    A ‘dream’ is where logic goes drinking to find itself
    To figure out ‘why we are here’ to make toast for those with haunting wheat allergies.

    This is the quantum vacuum’s bid to not collapse into a tautology but yet I still have not found out what blog dating is. As I now suspect it is not about how to figure out how old a blog is. So please be kind.

    Id est my curious catnip.

    • winston – man i miss Des’ree. Wasn’t she the one who sang that song Kissing You from Romeo and Juliet?

      and thank you for your clarification on some of life’s most perplexing mysteries! you always come in so handy.

  15. Okay, I know I’m not supposed to be blogging again until tomorrow, but I had to stop by tonight to check out your first vlog post.


    OMG…I LOVE YOU, WOMAN!!! You are HYSTERICAL! And it’s so wonderful to actually see and hear you. Listen, I think you and I should start making vlogs together. We could be the next Blunt and Ron talk show vloggers. Can you imagine the fun we would have? You could share dating tips and I could share beauty tips. We’ll make MILLIONS!

    So looking forward to your next! Hope you had a great weekend, girl!


    • Ron- don’t kid yourself. you know you can’t quit me!!! even if you are supposed to be on sabbatical! yea i was on the fence about doing a VLOG, but i’ve received pretty good feedback so maybe, just maybe there will be another one. dude, we = must do a combined blog!

  16. not gonna lie, i have mad bookcase envy right now. and feel compelled to go organize my office a bit.
    Fortunately I will pass my bedroom on the way to the office and will likely go to sleep instead…. but maybe I’ll come watch this video again tomorrow and try my luck then.

  17. I don’t ask questions, I’m opposed to them as a general rule, too complicated and then people think you want an answer.

    there’s a check box under your submit button that doesn’t have a description of what it’s for, it might be a question so I un-checked it.

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  19. Oh man, I loved this. Your video is wonderful. Also, you should start and solidify your career as a Blog Date guru. If that doesn’t pan out, there’s always Bookcase Organizer.

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