Why I Hate Women: Part 6 of 7,893

[ In case you missed the first installment, please check out Why I Hate Women: Let Me Count The Ways and then because I got equal amounts of hater/lover responses to said blog, please check out my rebuttal entitled: Dear Haters, Why Do You Love Me So Much? ]

I guess hate is very strong word. When I think of hatred, only a few things come to mind: Nazi Germany, dead beat dads, Frasier, the DaVinci Code, and the unspoken singer which I reference on a consistent basis.  So I suppose I could classify my disposition toward women as mere frustration.  But I’m far too Italian and dramatic to use the word “frustrated.”  Pffft.

Recently, I noticed that my blog Why I Hate Women: Let Me Count The Ways, continues to get alot of attention. I often wonder, does this come as a surprise to you guys? I mean, after having dealt with women your whole lives, is it an overwhelming shock that some of us take issue with our own gender? Speaking of my own gender, blog comments such as this one, from “anonymous,” lead me to believe that some women might be taking my witty banter personally

“So you all comment on a website that is sexist and idiotic and down right harsh to women, you know how many women out there think that men are soo much worse than women but DON’T write stupid blogs about it! My god, go get a life and delete the blog it makes you sound like your childish!! shame on you.”

I use this comment as an illustration because it further proves my point on why I hate women. You can’t take a freaking joke? Holy mother of insanity.  Really?

I feel that some of you think I hate women for the sole purpose of sabotaging my own gender.  I assure you this isn’t so.  Thus, I’ve decided to continue what will turn out to be the second installment of a 7,893 part series on why I dislike women.  All of this isn’t to say men don’t have their issues. We all do. It just so happens, my chemical makeup is designed to more easily deal with their craziness than that of the female kind.  Our brand of crazy is particularly alarming. To further demonstrate what I’m talking about, there is currently a group of women reading this, who are placing me in one of the following categories:

1. I’m starved for male attention.

2. I’m a slut [I’m not sure how this conclusion is drawn, but just trust me, it will be]

3. I have a weird nose and/or smile [or some other cut-down based on my physical appearance]

In all actuality, I love normal women. And if using the word “heart,” didn’t send my body into convulsions, I might even say that I heart them. And by normal, I mean, women who are capable of the following:

1. Getting over it. Contrary to popular belief, there is no prize at stake, champ.  This isn’t the Grudge Olympics.  Or the Olympics of many things you can bring up during an argument that have nothing to do with what we’re actually arguing about.

2. Not making everything into a competition. Is it possible to be happy for another woman’s success?  And if a guy flirts with your friend rather than you, it doesn’t mean she’s better than you.  It just means he wants to flirt with her.  The next guy will want to flirt with you. And probably the next guy too. Stop taking it so personally, Spazzy McInsecureAlot.

3. Not forsaking their friends when they become obsessed with a relationship. Guess who’s gonna be there when you’re crying elephant tears and eating yourself ugly in about 6 months, which is precisely how long it will take you to figure out you made a tragic mistake?  Not Jerky McCheatsAlotandIToldYouHeWould, I’ll tell you that much.

blunt-joFolks, I’ve only scratched the surface.  As always, I welcome your thoughts, but only if they are concurrent with mine.

Speaking of women that I love, check out my latest photography post, with pictures of this hottie.


72 thoughts on “Why I Hate Women: Part 6 of 7,893

  1. OH GOD I do hate ALL women for all the reasons stated & more. YES, ALL, including my mother, sisters, grandmothers, teachers, newscasters, strangers. The entire lot should be sent back to the giant cat-box from which they came. There is something truly wrong about females.

    Now beyond this hate is disgust of the media to the point of physical illness. Watch an episode of a daytime soap (or much of TV today). The writers are very often women, they must be (or gay). If I see another portrayal of two men prattling on exactly like women, I will start hurling chunks. How much money do these men get to act like women?

    Maybe I hate everyone in all the Political Correctness. Women? I would only be rude, they make me sick.

  2. I’m loving the comments.


    Back then, oh boy, I was all for ‘equality’ all for it!! I put it on my toast for breakfast. Just like the good pseudo-liberal, NPR listening, socially ‘liberal’, volvo driving pussy I was.


    If I see another portrayal of two men prattling on exactly like women, I will start hurling chunks. How much money do these men get to act like women?

    Has anybody read the book by Adam Carolla? The title is, ” In Fifty Years, We’ll all be Chicks.” I laughed out loud, and then I cried.

  3. The reason I hate women is because I care very much about them but they frequently do a number of idiotic things to sabotage themselves and it is very sad to me. I can’t help anyone who won’t help herself.

  4. Women really do sabotage themselves. I was married to one for 13 years and the stuff that she would come up about how I was or what I was thinking(out of sincere love) I always shook my head at. She passed away and she took with her all confidence I thought I had about knowing the female mind with her. Its like she was the last sane woman on earth. Now I am single again and I know beyond the facades and appearances down below there is probably a loving good person in alot of women, but alas the work that the next guy will have to do to get to the real person is truly saddening.

  5. Its the double standards for me. With a few exceptions I find men to be more fair and honest and much more respectful and less conniving. I walk into things with a clear and fair demeanor giving most everyone a chance, and I am perpetually disappointed by the way it seems all women have no idea what they want. Life must be hard for women if they are all this insane. Then again I’m in Southern California.

  6. Women are freaking INSANE! My Mom, my sister, my grandmother, my Dads gf. Mainly I hate there ungrateful nature. They walk ALL over men, get money for anything and everything and they treat these guys like shit. They make up stuff in there minds and nag the life out of all the men in there lives. Maybe I am jealous of the love they receive and bothered by the fact they give none back. Who knows??

  7. Juls, just so you know, generalising will get you nowhere in life.
    A lot of women suffer serious issues in silence, and a lot of men walk over women and abuse them, ever thought of opening your mind and seeing the full picture?
    Judging all females based on ignorance and experience of a tiny fraction of them is narrow-minded and pathetic.
    Btw, if you hate women so much, take a look at what women go through in Middle-Eastern countries. They are tortured and murdered and face the most extreme violations of human rights just because they are women.

  8. I’m female and I love your blog. I dislike women for the reasons you mention. I think most women are crazy and evil. I receive the same accusations you mention: you take that view because you’re a slut, need male attention. None of that is true.

    I can deal with most men in an equitable manner, conversation and collaborations are generally easy and I often find them more trustworthy than women. There’s not only the usual female aggression, women will also steal from you under the guise of feminism and sisterhood.

    I avoid them

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