Blunt Bites: The Boy Who Jumped To Conclusions But Had A Good Singing Voice

[ DISCLAIMER: Blunt Bites break away from my normal, detailed laugh-out-loud (right?) posts. They are like snapshots of a significant part of my life. Sometimes, they’re serious. Sometimes, they’re funny. But they’re always gonna be delicious. Yum. ]

I called you one night, out of nowhere. The snow always reminded me of you. At first, you didn’t recognize my voice. Three years had passed since we had spoken. You informed me of your decision to move to L.A. to give your dreams a shot. I said I was surprised that you had finally done it. You said, “Of course you’re surprised, what do you expect when you don’t pick up the phone?” You were mad. When you had driven across country, you had wanted to meet up, but I never returned your calls. As you vented your frustrations, I shook my head so hard you could probably feel it through the phone and then I called you an over-reactor. This started an epic fight, something we had perfected during our brief, but intense college relationship.

In the end, I saw no point in telling you that I had never gotten your calls because my number had changed 3 times since then.

Maybe, that night, I just didn’t want to get into the fact that my number had changed 3 times because my identity had been stolen by drug dealers.

Maybe, that night, I just felt like letting you win.


31 thoughts on “Blunt Bites: The Boy Who Jumped To Conclusions But Had A Good Singing Voice

    • hahaha. yea, he was one of those who just freaked out before you could even explain what was freaking going on!? but, he we had this undeniable chemistry, that always complicates things …

  1. Oooooo, Blunt…this one left me DYING to know more about this relationship?!?!?

    I’m really enjoying these Blunt Bites because they’re like little tasty vignettes!

    And I laughed my ass off at this….

    “*photo credit: whatever person stuck this on the internet”

    Bwhahahahahahhahaha! I freakin’ adore your sense of humor, girl!


    • Maybe someday…. maybe someday. I only post these more serious things in a very sparse manner cus that isn’t really my style. However, it is hard to find the humor in some of my relationships cus they just weren’t funny!!! haha. but yea… the drug dealers… we’ll get there. 😉

    • yes!! i have quite a few people i wouldn’t mind shipping to california, actually. then if it’d just drop off into the ocean… problem solved!

  2. Okay, I know you may have been gunning for a heart-felt post here, but I’m entirely stuck on “my number had changed 3 times because my identity had been stolen by drug dealers.” Can we get a Blunt Bite out of that story please? Pretty pleeeease?

    • heartfelt?? never. it’s just that some of these relationships just plain aren’t funny. and so here and there, i have a quasi-serious post, but still sarcastic. but no, definitely not heartfelt…eew.

      and yes, maybe i will write something about the drug dealers.. i’ve had a few requests.

  3. I’m always so jealous of (or impressed by – yeah, that’s the ticket) people who can write so well. I don’t think my problem with ‘the words’ is all my fault, though. I did drop out of school so I could head for California…

    Very nice piece – I really enjoyed it. 🙂

  4. I hate how you are keeping us all guessing. I’m liking the bits of seriousness. I’ve had a couple of relationships like that with friends. Just stopped calling and lost track. It is kind of tragic.

  5. I should stop here more often. You expressed so much in a few words. Reading between the lines could fill a scene from a romantic comedy flick. But it’s the reading between the lines and assuming that makes this story.

  6. I don’t know Blunt…with the marriage thing its like when Metallica started getting played on the radio. The songs were basically the same but just the fact they were being played on the radio lost some of the edge..

  7. love people who make things all about them. and by ‘love’ i mean i want to punch them in the throat. california can have that guy, for sure. for all he knows, you didn’t answer his calls because you were in a coma. pffft.

  8. Wow, interesting, i liked that and what more, the doc had three hands, isrepsmive!! But whats the fkn story with the zite music people put on their vids, MUTE MUTE MUTE MUTE cheers CC09

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