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  1. about Jesus you will enter. Are you a true citizen????Dont think whhteer a person is hindu or muslim. Think as a fellow human being at first.All the bad words in this world are formed to scold ANTONY the idiot.Also the contents of many people are against national integrity. First try to understand. Hinduism,budhism,jainism born in India. Islam invaders spreaded Islam in India latter European people converted (still converting by giving bribe, food,wine etc) Indians to christians. Why the hell you are converting people.You people are saying that Jesus reborn on Easter. If so where is he now? Jesus is not God. He jus did some magics among people. and developed a religion. Many kings altered Bible content per their wish. All are stupid stuff.All are commenting about Hindus in their own land. Can you able to criticise about Islam in Pakisthan or any other arab country? the next moment you will be killed. But in india you are openly criticising Hindu’s beleifs. You have this much enough freedom in india. There are many auspicious/foolish beliefs in all religions. All religions are equally good and worse.Be a human Atfirst and respect others as well.

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