Photo Break: About A Boy

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As I was sitting there in the delivery room, waiting the arrival of her first baby, Paul, I couldn’t help but think back to when we were just a couple of kids, sitting on the dock, wearing our matching swimsuits and hoping the boys across the lake would notice us. We’ve been best friends since 3rd grade. I also couldn’t help but think about how adoption was becoming more appealing by the minute.

Paul will always be special not only cus he’s my best friend’s first born, but also the first born of any of my friends. It’s been quite incredible watching my bff transition into a mother. And it’s clear to me now that some people are just born for it.

Poor Paul, he’s had my camera in his face ALOT. It doesn’t hurt that he’s probably the sweetest, happiest, cutest, most fabulous child with the biggest, bluest eyes ever in the Tri-state area. This is a variable statement, of course, since my children are yet to be born. So, you know. And someday, I’ll be his cool aunt Brit that brings him over a platter of cupcakes and sets him straight when it comes to the ladies.

Little Paul is almost 3 now. These are some pictures I took of him last fall, but I never put them on this blog. Um, he lives in the middle of nowhere. And he likes tractors a lot. The two facts are probably correlated.

Wait, what? How did the cat sneak in there?

We were playing, “Uh oh, where’s Paul? We can’t find him with all these pumpkins?!”

Then we went inside where I learned some very valuable lessons about 2 year-olds.

Like how there’s no point in putting anything in the snack mix besides white chocolate chips.

Or having carpet.

Or bringing said snack mix in the car. Unless you want a car seat full of snack mix.

But seriously, love that kid. And those eyes.

P.S. Those eyes are unedited. That’s how awesome they are.

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